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What’s In My Hospital Bag

I was just thinking about how much I would’ve loved to read this as I was packing for Aspen’s birth.  Now as a second time mom I feel like I have a pretty good grip on what I need to bring to the hospital this time around so lucky for you guys, I’m sharing it all (pics included below)!

Pack it all up in:

  • Storksak bag with organizers so I can grab what I need from each compartment. It’s a duffle on wheels so it fits everything I need without feeling like luggage.
  • Boppy body pillow (for before and after labor; I’m used to sleeping with a body pillow so I’d like to keep it consistent so when I can sleep I can get good sleep)
  • Robe (in case I get cold or want to walk around without my tush hanging out)
  • Vionic slippers (they are orthotic and have tons of support, great for supporting my extra weight as I walk the halls of the hospital and for comfort after the babies are born)
  • Birdie slippers (these can be faked as real shoes or slippers so I can wear these home)
  • Blanket (hospital blankets are no bueno)
  • Della B gown in blue (I’m bringing my own hospital gown to make it feel more personal. I wore the same gown in pink for the birth of Aspen, it’s hospital and even C-section approved!)
  • Baby Jives swaddle blankets (again, to personalize the birth experience and wrap my babies up in something other than the hospital swaddle)
  • Belly Bandit BFF Post partum wrap (I wore the Upsie belly support wrap during my pregnancy)
  • High waisted granny panties (things happen down there and support and coverage are a must!)
  • Nursing tanks (basically just a tank with a built in nursing bra)
  • Comfy pants (I’m wearing these by Public Myth, they are sooooo soft)
  • Victoria’s Secret “mommy” pj’s for after I deliver (this one is similar)
  • Sensitive nipple cream (Aspen didn’t like the one the hospital provided)
  • Breast pads (in case my milk comes in while in the hospital and I’m leaking)
  • Extra long charging cord
  • Charged battery case for my iPhone
  • Baby gowns and hats (for the twins to wear while in the hospital just to personalize the experience)

Jimmy will bring:


  • Bar of soap
  • Razor (this seems aggressive but just want to be safe rather than sorry)
  • EO organic deodorant spray (don’t want chemicals near my newborn babies)
  • Toothbrush
  • Lotion
  • Maxi pads
  • Face wash
  • Face lotion
  • I’m not bringing any makeup or hair tools. This time I’m committed to being totally present with my babies and not concerning myself with beautiful photos of myself. I just get home and plop the boob out anyway!

Don’t need it but I’m gonna wear it:

  • Amber bracelet (amber has healing and calming properties among other benefits and as I labor drug-free I can use all the calm in the world!)
  • Necklace with medal of St Michael the Archangel (warrior and protector) and St Benedict (to ensure a timely and healthy delivery)



  • You have got to try Lilypads nipple covers, they are a game changer in breastfeeding.
    hope you leave the option for an epidur4 en. I would have had to have a c-

    • Option for epidural open. I would have had to have a c-section to deliver the 2nd baby if it wasn’t for that… You’re comment section doesn’t allow you to see your comment if its more than 2 lines, hard to comment when you can’t read it.

  • I am 34 weeks preggo with twins too! I absolutely love following you and this post is super helpful. Thank you for posting.

  • Definitely a travel sized bottle of mouth wash. Vomming during labor definitely happens and living with the taste in your mouth is awful, besides brushing your teeth during contractions kind of sucks.

  • I’m an old mom but the favorite item in my bag so many years ago was Sugar Scrub by Fresh to take a wonderful shower after birth! Good luck!

  • I made sure to take your own shampoo and conditioner. Just in case of a csection and you are their for 5 days and need to take a shower. Hospital shampoo is no bueno as well!!

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