Review: The Best White Sneakers

Everywhere I look I’m blinded by the latest trend: white sneakers.  These bright white staples are a refreshing (and comfy!) fashion statement that is being paired with everything from the mom uniform (aka leggings) to LBD’s (little black dresses).  This trend is one of my faves, although I have to give credit where it’s due: my best friend has been wearing white Converse to run around NYC with her suits and dresses for years – thank God we’ve finally caught on!

I’ve invested in some awesome sneaks ranging from high-end-aspirational to everyday-affordable.  Here are my reviews:

Adidas Superstar – on sale for $48

These are the overall winners!  Super comfy and easy to wear all the time.  I pair them with everything from super casual to medium dressy.  I love being able to wear shoes that feel like trainers but are so on trend!

Other options:

Kappa Court Sneaks – $26

Reebok Gum Bottom – $53

Sketchers White Sneaks – $45 (I found them here cheaper than anywhere else!  Regularly $$65)



Converse Chuck Taylor high tops – $58

The classic design that my dad used to wear while playing basketball in the 70’s has entered the high end fashion world as an affordable staple.  I love the dichotomy that’s juxtaposed between a flirty and feminine skirt and a pair of Chucks.  These work with EVERYTHING. (Make sure to buy 2 1/2 sizes down, ladies!  These run in men’s sizes and run big!)

Have your babies match you, too!  I bought these for Aspen and even these little Converse booties for the twins!

Other options:

Converse low tops – $52

Keds white sneaks – $45

Vans old skool sneaks – $70


Nike Air Huarache – $115

These are actually more of a cream color but look white in the pics.   I haven’t seen any like this style before which is what drew me to them initially.  I love them because they don’t have any laces and are easy to slip on and off.  They kind of have that futuristic feel… plus, anything different-looking with the white sneaks is a fashion win!


Nike Air More Uptempo – $127

These are the shoes Michael Jordan wore at one point during his prolific career.  I love the sportiness of these high tops and how they SCREAM 90’s!  Never has a shoe been more relevant!  Out of all the shoes on this review I get more comments on these than any other.  My friends love my “moon shoes”!  Get these if you want to stand out in the crowd!



Marc Jacobs Love Embellished Sneaker – $198

I feel like this is a more affordable version – but still high end designer – of the Gucci sneakers you see everywhere.  I get a ton of compliments on this shoe.  Is it worth $198?  I’d say so.  (Plus they’re on sale down from $225!)  I definitely save it for more special occasions but I also slip it on for quick trips (like when I took Girly Girl to the groomer yesterday) because it’s just an easy shoe that looks good with everything.  Plus the rhinestones in the “love” embellishment really dress up an otherwise plain white sneaker.  By the way I’m still in shock you can buy Marc Jacobs on Amazon!

Other options:

Moschino platform sneaks – $210

Ash sneakers – $275


Louis Vuitton – $399

The only reason these Louies are so inexpensive (yeah right, but they weren’t $800) is because I got them from a resale shop!  I love these shoes!


Other options:

Gucci Ace sneaks – $620







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