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Meghan’s Mom Blog: Travel MUST-HAVE stroller. Let me repeat: TRAVEL MUST-HAVE!

New moms, listen intently.  I’m not kidding around.  The Doona stroller is God’s great gift to new moms who travel like me: a lot.

Let’s get on with it.  In a nutshell the Doona is a stroller and carseat combo without having to add or remove parts.  In an expanded version, it’s zippy, fits between the aisles of an airplane, converts to a stroller or a carseat in about 3 seconds (not kidding), and it’s all around amazing.  Airline approval makes it easy to take your baby on the plane (if you buy her own seat: do it if you can!) so you can nap (nevermind that’s a pipe dream).

I love being able to push my baby down a busy city street, hail an uber, and have her secured in the car and off to the next place in less time than it would take me to set down my shopping bags.  Additionally there’s a base so you can keep this in your permanent car to make your life even that much easier while at home.

One downside is the price, $500.  BUT you can use a 20% off coupon at Buy Buy Baby to snag it for $400.  Another downside is that I can realistically only use it until Aspen is around a year old because she will have grown out of it.  And since I am spoiled with an incredible collection of the best stroller systems out there I know that I’m missing out on cupholders, cargo space (there’s none so use a backpack diaper bag), and an extra long handle (I’m 5’11” but the Doona still isn’t terribly short for me).

Overall this purchase is worth its weight in gold if you plan to travel two or more times during the span of your baby’s first year.  I PROMISE YOU!  Thank me later.


(Note: I have used the Doona while travelling on 19 flights so far (yes, I counted.  Two were international trips, too.)


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