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Meghan’s Mom Blog: Comfort Design Mats

Aspen is ten months old and quick on her feet. She takes tumbles as she explores her world and I’ve discovered a mat (through trial and error) that has all bases covered: easy to clean, easy on the eyes, easy on baby heads, and hard to tear apart: Comfort Designs Mat.

Initially I bought those foam playmate that fit together like puzzles pieces but I encountered  lots of issues: Aspen would tear off the sides and chew on them, crumbs would get stuck between the pieces (where these crumbs came from still has me puzzled), drool would puddle in the cracks (so gross and almost impossible to clean) and the puzzle pieces didn’t work well over our existing rug because they couldn’t account for the discrepancy in the pile height.

Enter Comfort Designs, the key component to any play area.  I chose a pink floral design for my Idaho home that fits nicely into my aesethic in that house (these rubber play mats look exactly like rugs! No more intrusive multicolored baby explosion all over your living room!) and a gray and white trellis pattern for my laid back beach house in California.

I can easily pick them up to clean underneath (again, crumbs, where do you come from?) and wipe them down when my drool-monster leaves her mark on the reg.  It’s sturdy enough for Girly Girl to not tear up – she gets some visitation rights into Aspen’s baby jail – and soft and pliable enough to provide cushion for Aspen’s clumsy melon.  Non-toxic and BPA-free round out the must-haves on the checklist. At $150 bucks you’re making a small investment but you’re sure to have this beautiful baby item for years to come.

Now I need to decide on a design for my St Louis house. Any input is appreciated!

Check them out on insta, too!

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