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Boob problems: Mastitis

Thanks to my recent experience I now think of two “M” words related to the “B” (boob) word: mama and mastitis.  Mama is a given: only a mama can produce milk from her breasts (at the risk of sounding politically incorrect or offending anyone of the trans community I hope you can see through to my intention here, but I digress), but mastitis is a nasty, cringe-worthy word no woman ever hopes to utter.  I, unfortunately, have gotten to know that word well.

As bad things often have a tendency to do, it came on fast.  I had a plugged duct with Aspen but avoided mastitis, so I knew right away when I had a plugged duct this time.  I did everything I did last time: massaged it, hot shower, pumped, fed the babies from my breast.  But then another plugged duct popped up the next day and I really started feeling sick.  I called my doctor and got started on an antibiotic.  That evening, after two doses of antibiotics and consistently taking ibuprofen, I woke up at 2am feeling the worst I ever remember feeling in my adult life (may I remind you I did not use pain medication in labor).  I didn’t know how I was going to take care of my babies, every joint ached and I couldn’t sleep because of how terrible I felt.  I finally woke up a few hours later drenched in a puddle of sweat so soaked that Jimmy asked me what the heck happened.  And this was AFTER two rounds of antibiotics. (Note: I developed four clogged ducts in four days, even after I started the antibiotic.)

My instagram community and my midwife were huge helps to me and gave me all kinds of advice:

  • put cabbage on my plugged duct (didn’t try this, it grosses me out)
  • drink pure pineapple juice (tried this and it’s delicious, not sure if it works)
  • warm compresses (I tried the lansinsoh ones and Rachel’s Remedy from Dr Browns, I loved both but especially Rachel’s Remedy because it uses moist heat therapy and flaxseed)
  • warm shower (this is easy as long as the shower doesn’t spray directly on the nipples because it feels like little knives if you’re breastfeeding)
  • wide-toothed comb on the plugged duct (haven’t tried this)
  • vigorous massage (I do this until it hurts so bad I want to cry)
  • electric toothbrush massage (I can do better than this myself)
  • colloidal silver water (expensive but a natural antibiotic, I’m taking this but no idea if it’s helping)
  • oregano capsules (again, expensive but a stronger natural antibiotic, I’m taking it here and there)
  • homeopathics (phytolacca 30c and belladonna 30c, I’m taking them but not sure if they help)
  • sunflower lecithin (I’m taking this and will continue to take it; it’s supposed to thin the fat in my milk to prevent clogs now and in the future)
  • my antibiotic (I don’t want to be on it because it upsets my stomach but it’s helping so I’m taking it every 6 hours for ten days)
  • a probiotic (I take this every morning to combat the good bacteria that my antibiotic is killing)
  • lavender oil (I put this directly on my plugged ducts and massage, I think it actually helps)
  • going braless (I can only do it at night and I think it helps, but the girls need support during the day)

To top off the stress of feeling like complete ca-ca when I need to care for newborn twins, a toddler, pump, and pack for a two month summer trip to Idaho, my babies’ tummies were completely upset by my “antibiotic milk.”  And everyone knows that nursing directly from the breast helps mastitis heal (because babies can empty hard to access clogged ducts better than a pump), and now I can’t feed them from the breast – because when it rains it pours!  I had a nice stash saved up so I gave them the old milk (it’s not older than them and they are 4 weeks old!) and froze my “antibiotic milk.”  But the problem with this is that not only wouldn’t the old milk last through the course of my treatment but I am traveling and can’t (correction: don’t want to) take frozen milk with me.  So over the course of 24 hours and after the introduction of a baby probiotic I slowly reintroduced my “antibiotic milk” until that’s all they were drinking and they are handling it fine.  Now all of my stressors are cleared and I can probably start feeling better!

I find it so ironic that I stress over getting better and the reason I probably got sick in the first place was largely due to stress. But now we are hiding out in Idaho and relaxing!


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