Soft As A Baby’s Bum: Huggies Edition

This blog post is sponsored by: Amazon and Huggies I love my babies when they are in their most natural state: their birthday suits.  They are so perfect without anything added to their perfectly soft and supple skin.  That’s why I choose Huggies, they are the softest diapers, so much softer than anything else I’ve tried all…

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I sell wine, and maybe you should too!

I spend my summers in northern Idaho, an adult playground and wino’s paradise.  My girlfriend introduced me to some of the best and cleanest wine in the world while I was there, I ordered a bunch of bottles, enjoyed each one as I can do oh-so-well, and wanted to learn more: Scout & Cellar is…

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How to: Get your babies to SLEEP

Sleep is the ultimate goal for all of us: we know that with sleep we think clearer, look better, act better, live longer, eat healthier and stay fitter.  It’s also the main culprit for the newborn fog that parents experience; we all want to move past this stage ASAP.  In this blog I discuss the…

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Review: The Best White Sneakers

Everywhere I look I’m blinded by the latest trend: white sneakers.  These bright white staples are a refreshing (and comfy!) fashion statement that is being paired with everything from the mom uniform (aka leggings) to LBD’s (little black dresses).  This trend is one of my faves, although I have to give credit where it’s due:…

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