Party Makeup

Party makeup with Party Hair!   This is such a sexy glam look and doesn’t take much time (unless you have a toddler then you can drag it out to 30 minutes like I did).  Here’s what you need to achieve my exact look:   What I own: Hair flat iron – $103 Earrings –…

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Party Hair

Short Hair Don’t Care   I’m no hair expert.  Sure, I get by, but I can’t french braid my own hair to save my life.  (Plus my arms get way too tired from all the effort.) But I finally found a hairstyle that looks cute all the time with minimal effort. My short little layered…

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Holiday Party Top Guide

Pop the bubbly! It’s that time of year for a last minute Christmas party, a holiday happy hour with your girlfriends, and New Years Eve sparkle! I bought a bunch of tops on Amazon, tried them all on, returned the ones that didn’t fit right or didn’t meet my quality standards, and wrote about the…

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