Postpartum Swimwear

Having a brand new postpartum body just in time for summer can make pool time a little tricky for mama.  We know that our bodies won’t be this way forever and that we created the most beautiful gift but it still makes putting it all out there feel a little daunting – to say the…

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Bamboobies – The Ultimate Mommy Must Have

*This post is sponsored by bamboobies My wardrobe priorities completely changed the second I started nursing my babies. Easy access and comfort become necessities but still looking and feeling cute is also important (even though you may feel like a cow in so many ways!).  bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads became my best friends as my milk…

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Cheap, easy, fun and anywhere toddler activities

Having a toddler is no easy task but even more difficult is finding new and exciting activities to keep them occupied for more than five minutes.  And with living between three very different climates of St Louis, northern Idaho, and southern California I’ve been able to adapt activities to each place.  Aspen and I are…

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Boob problems: Mastitis

Thanks to my recent experience I now think of two “M” words related to the “B” (boob) word: mama and mastitis.  Mama is a given: only a mama can produce milk from her breasts (at the risk of sounding politically incorrect or offending anyone of the trans community I hope you can see through to…

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Nursery Necessities

When you think of a nursery what comes to mind?  Cribs!  But there’s so much more to furnishing a nursery and the next set of items are essential to completing the look. Peurobaby has been a favorite baby shop of mine since Aspen was born.  They have the best baby brands that include everything from…

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