Our Family Holiday Photo Shoot

I’ll just sum up this blog real quick for you: it was fantastic! Puppies and rainbows! Everyone cooperated and there was no tears or yelling! Just kidding. Like, I’m just kidding BIG TIME. So the first time we attempted the family holiday photo shoot was during a beautiful early snowfall St Louis experienced. Everything was…

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Aspen’s First Day of School!

Today was Aspen’s first day of school!  Which really means it was her first day of “Parent’s Day Out” which really means daycare (I think).  Clearly I don’t know how these things work. When the twins were born life got a whole lot crazier.  Aspen always loves going to the park, going to her gymnastics…

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I’d Give You The Shirt Off My Back

Y’all, I’m blessed.  I have an incredible family who loves me, a supportive husband and partner, healthy children, and a roof over my head.  I work hard and I am compensated for it.  I never have to worry about paying my heating bill or wearing a heavy coat when winter comes. Some are not so…

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Why I Love Using Huggies Pull-Ups® for Aspen

We have reached that very exciting time in Aspen’s little toddler life: potty-training time! I have been looking forward to this milestone after changing 1,000 too many dirty diapers! I knew Aspen was ready when she started to become interested in toilet paper, when she started hiding to “do her business”, and when she started…

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