Review: The Best White Sneakers

Everywhere I look I’m blinded by the latest trend: white sneakers.  These bright white staples are a refreshing (and comfy!) fashion statement that is being paired with everything from the mom uniform (aka leggings) to LBD’s (little black dresses).  This trend is one of my faves, although I have to give credit where it’s due:…

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The Twins are 3 months old!

We all survived the fourth trimester!  That’s what they call the first three months of your newborn’s life because they are growing at such a rapid rate and are still so dependent on their mama.  I must admit, the first 8 weeks were a big fog even with help.  My mom, husband, and nanny were…

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Poop Talk: And Other Diaper Milestones

This blog post is sponsored by: Amazon and Huggies Not only do I feel like I’ve been pregnant for the last 2 years I feel like all I do is change diapers.  Like many of my fellow mamas out there I’ve reluctantly become an expert at all things diaper-related and thanks to Huggies I haven’t…

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Mom Uniform: Yoga Pants Review

My first round of postpartum clothes are finally starting to get baggy on me (thanks to breastfeeding twins and getting the life sucked out of me) so it’s time to stock up on my mom uniform: the trusty legging.  I want something that runs true to size, will fit me now and when I start…

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