The Twins Are 9 Months Old!

Recently my hair stylist asked me, “Aren’t the twins almost a year old?” And I responded, “Oh no!  Not even close!  They aren’t even 9 months old yet!” (Mind you, this was four days ago.) She said, “I mean, Meghan, let’s be honest, they aren’t THAT far from turning one.” Even though she couldn’t be…

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I’m A Mom Warrior Not a Mom Worrier

Over the past few months I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people asking about my twins’ helmets, why Hayes goes to physical therapy, why Hart has an eye patch, etc.  I’ve gotten requests to write a blog about how I handle all of these things and how I feel about them.  But I haven’t…

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27, 8, and 8 months: A Cross-Section

Jimmy has recently left for spring training in Jupiter, Florida and whenever he leaves town I begin to reflect on where my life stands with my kiddos and how it’s evolved. I must say, life right now is pretty easy.  The twins are on a schedule (although they are about to drop their third nap),…

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Get What You Want In Your Relationship

SPONSORED BY KY  As women, we have been conditioned to minimize our sexuality, but why? It’s our turn to take the reins and align ourselves and our needs with that of men’s. For years, we’ve been inundated with media talking about male impotence or enhancement, so why have women remained quiet? We have the same…

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