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My Pregnancy Routine and Tips

Disclaimer: Please check with your doctor before attempting to mimic anything you see below!  All of our needs are different!

And for those mamas out there who’ve been pregnant you know there’s a lot to think about: nutrition, comfort, and overall health to name a few.  I’ve taken it up a notch with my twin pregnancy; here’s what I do:

Throughout the day:

  • Drink at least 1 gallon of water before dinner (the tea you’ll see below counts toward this goal!)
  • Consume at least 100g of protein (I make sure to add protein into every meal and snack)
  • Wear a pregnancy support belt right away (I use Belly Bandit Upsie Belly, I’ve worn others but this is what I find most supportive and most convenient)
  • I don’t carry Aspen up the stairs anymore


  • 20mg liquid Floradix (this is an iron supplement)


  • ½-1 teaspoon of Natural Calm Magnesium powder in warm water (I drink the raspberry flavor and it tastes like tea!)
    – This helps calm any contractions
    – It’s also a natural stool softener to counteract my increased iron intake
  • 2 dropperfulls of Yellow dock tincture in 2oz of water (this is another iron supplement)
  • Breakfast to ensure vitamins don’t bother my stomach (for example: 3 scrambled eggs and cheese)
  • Probiotic (for digestion)
  • DHA/Fish Oil (for baby’s brain development)
  • Calcium (for my bones)
  • 3 Beef liver capsules (another iron supplement)
  • Prenatal vitamin


  • 1 quart of special tea
    –  I steep .5oz of oatstraw and .5oz of melisa overnight and drink It throughout the day (it’s to calm contractions)
  • 2 droppersfull of skullcap tincture in 2oz water (to calm contractions)


  • 20mg Floradix (liquid iron supplement)


  • Beef liver capsules


As needed:

  • Epsom salt bath (2 cups of salts)
  • Additional magnesium calms the uterus


  • The Snoogle pillow helps me to sleep on my side by keeping me from rolling over.  If I find myself waking up on my back I get cramps and dull aches.  I liked the Boppy sleep pillow at the beginning of my pregnancy
  • Belly oil (if I itch I use a recipe I made with 10 parts coconut oil, 1 part lavender oil, 1 part rose hips oil, 1 part peppermint oil.  If I don’t itch I use “Belli Elasticity belly oil”)


  • Drink 8oz of water as I wake up to uriniate throughout the night

Every week-2 weeks:

  • Pregnancy chiropractor


  • Don’t use your abs to sit up straight, lean to the side and push your body up
  • Proper posture!

If you have any advice, tips, or questions please share!


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