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Meghan’s Mom Blog: Aspen is standing!

Aspen is starting to pull herself up on me but is having a harder time pulling herself up on objects. The Little Balance Box is the one exception. I love this baby item so much I’ve made it a part of #MeghansMustHaves.

So you ask, why does my baby need a silly little table? I don’t really know why it’s different from your current furniture, but IT IS. I do know that the inventor is a fellow mom and physical therapist who’s created The Little Balance Box to perfect ergonomic proportions for your baby’s needs. Initially the LBB helped Aspen learned how to stand, now that she knows how to stand it’s teaching her how to pull up, and after she masters that skill she will use it as a walker.

It’s easy to put together and the feet are “bouncy”, by this I mean they have little springs in them that “give” if baby Aspen jerks, falls, etc (which is nonstop). It’s a big on the pricey end so I suggest giving it as a gift to a new mom (or a seasoned mom, like me! JUST KIDDING but Aspen is 8 months and I think it’s the perfect age to purchase).

Enter to win your own by commenting on my blog and following @little_balance_box on Instagram. There’s two lucky winners! (Open to US residents only.)


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