Aspen is 2!

It’s hard to believe that two years ago today I went into labor on Thanksgiving Day and gave birth to my perfect Aspen.  She has rocked my world in the best way possible.

She so so smart, funny, strong-willed, independent and a ball of personality.

She looks like her dad and acts like a better, more charismatic version of me but with her dad’s clean-freakiness.

She loves her baby brothers and is constantly sharing her toys with them, taking their used diapers to the trash, shushing them when they fuss, and helping feed them their bottles.

She tells Girly Girl to “settle” and loves to watch her act “silly”.

She is stringing together half sentences like “Daddy strawberries fridge” (three words is about her max right now!) and she understands almost everything.

She remembers her day and can tell you what she did in single words: “Park. Kids. Mommy. Fall. Boo-boo. Slide.”

She is a little running terror and runs around the house like it is her mission to destroy everything in it.

She is my love, my world, my reason .  Happy second birthday, Aspen.


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