Chicago Trip 2019

  Abby and I have been friends since the first day of our freshman year of high school.  Whenever we’re both in St Louis she always comes over and jumps right into the mix with my stepkids and babies.  She goes to the big kids’ games and changes the babies’ diapers.  Ever since she moved…

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The Best Spring Dresses: Blog #2

I tested out SO MANY spring dresses that I couldn’t narrow it down to just one blog!  This is my second blog so if you haven’t read the first one you’ll definitely want to see it, too.  This blog has some higher end options but I have included a couple extremely affordable finds at the…

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Beach Day: Mom Edition

Have you ever taken your three babies to the beach?  If not, I’m gonna save you some time – don’t.  If you’ve done it once, bless you.  If you’ve done it more than once, you must be a masochist. I thought I should take my kids to the beach since we’re vacationing in Florida.  Of…

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The Twins Are 9 Months Old!

Recently my hair stylist asked me, “Aren’t the twins almost a year old?” And I responded, “Oh no!  Not even close!  They aren’t even 9 months old yet!” (Mind you, this was four days ago.) She said, “I mean, Meghan, let’s be honest, they aren’t THAT far from turning one.” Even though she couldn’t be…

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