Party Hair

Short Hair Don’t Care   I’m no hair expert.  Sure, I get by, but I can’t french braid my own hair to save my life.  (Plus my arms get way too tired from all the effort.) But I finally found a hairstyle that looks cute all the time with minimal effort. My short little layered…

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Holiday Party Top Guide

Pop the bubbly! It’s that time of year for a last minute Christmas party, a holiday happy hour with your girlfriends, and New Years Eve sparkle! I bought a bunch of tops on Amazon, tried them all on, returned the ones that didn’t fit right or didn’t meet my quality standards, and wrote about the…

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Our Family Holiday Photo Shoot

I’ll just sum up this blog real quick for you: it was fantastic! Puppies and rainbows! Everyone cooperated and there was no tears or yelling! Just kidding. Like, I’m just kidding BIG TIME. So the first time we attempted the family holiday photo shoot was during a beautiful early snowfall St Louis experienced. Everything was…

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Aspen’s First Day of School!

Today was Aspen’s first day of school!  Which really means it was her first day of “Parent’s Day Out” which really means daycare (I think).  Clearly I don’t know how these things work. When the twins were born life got a whole lot crazier.  Aspen always loves going to the park, going to her gymnastics…

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